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Caskett Daily

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A daily photo community dedicated to Richard Castle and Kate Beckett from Castle.
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Welcome to caskett_daily, your daily picspam source for Richard Castle and Kate Beckett from the hit TV show Castle. I'll be posting a pic of Caskett each day (though it may become more than one soon). So join to get your daily fix of our favorite couple!

This community will be a spoiler free zone. However, once an episode has aired, any caps/images from that episode are fair game. I know people may see the episode later than others, but if an episode has been aired on TV, an image may be posted from it. On the off chance a spoiler picture is posted, it will be behind an LJ cut, and will be clearly marked as a spoiler. So join without any worries. :)

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1. No bashing allowed. We're all here because we love Rick Castle and Kate Beckett, so please get along.

2. Please don't use the pictures to make graphics, because they are always edited by me. If you want the original, just ask.

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